IoT Security Solutions for Students’ Laboratory with RFID-based Attendance Authentication

  • Rose Mary A. Velasco Isabela State University, Philippines


The study aims to secure computer laboratories coupled with smart and automated attendance monitoring. It was designed at Isabela State University Cauayan City Campus, specifically at the Computer Laboratory of the College of Computing Studies Information and Communication Technology. The system is web-based and it can be utilized on any OS platform by specifying the IP Address through a web browser. Its function is a complete user interface for its target user's attendance monitoring and management where it can record teachers’ and students’ attendance, classroom entry logs, and calculation of tardiness and absences.  It has the capability to retain current and previous records which could be used for future educational reference, entry log history, or for security references. The factor of acceptability as to technical support and processes of the system gained a general weighted mean of 4.35 (sd=.490) which means there is an evaluator's agreement with the functionality of the developed system based on ISO 25010 standards. The system does not physically identify the user but will only be registered in the database through scanning of the RFID tag. Furthermore, in order to achieve the objectives, The system used Php and its MySQL Local Database as its application software. Hardware components include RFID Reader and RFID Card Communication, and Arduino Uno to control Solenoid lock devices, providing security and restriction in every Computer Laboratory room.

Keywords: Internet of Things, IoT-based Security Solution, Attendance Monitoring, Smart Laboratory

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