Computer-Based Checker for Technical Drafting Plates: Development and Evaluation

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Reinze L. Vito Gemma D. Belga Myrna R. Batino


The Checking Software for Technical Drafting plates (CSTDp) was developed to assist the faculty and the students in senior high school to an objective, reliable and timely assessment of technical drawings under the five CAD competencies of DepEd. The LAN-based computer system includes features such as submission of technical drafting plates and deployment of scores and feedbacks. There are two (2) accounts developed for the checking software: the faculty and the students’ account used to access CSTDp. The scoring and feedback is based upon a TESDA TEC NC II assessors’ validated scoring criteria which covers line technique, accuracy and completeness, annotations, plotting and speed. It was also evaluated using ISO 25010 by IT practitioners, TEC NC II assessors, teachers and SHS students. Grand mean score of 4.80 interpreted as “outstanding” was achieved by the system which denotes that CSTDp is an effective and efficient computer-based system.

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