Designing Stakeholder Engagement Framework for Technology Leadership Competencies

  • Marikey M. Conde Schools Division of Muntinlupa, Department of Education, Philippines
  • Myrna R. Batino Technological University of the Philippines - Cavite, Philippines
  • Normi B. Santos Technological University of the Philippines - Cavite, Philippines


The emergence of technology is intensifying and changing the realm of education, thereby calling for a new leadership approach to champion change. This study identified the technology leadership competencies of people in key positions from selected public and private senior high schools in the National Capital Region and are offering a technology-vocational-livelihood track with the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strand; described the challenges and recommended a framework for technology leadership competencies. A qualitative research method using a phenomenological approach was employed with triangulation as a data-gathering technique. Results show competencies identified were on: leadership and vision (support initiatives for state-of-the-art and collaboration with other institutions); teaching and learning (implement blended/ flexible learning, use of differentiated instruction); productivity and professional practice (collaborate using technologies, continuing professional development); support, management and operation (policy implementation, technology resource maintenance); assessment and evaluation (initiate technology innovation, data management); and social, legal and ethical issues (promoting data privacy, appropriate electronic waste disposal). Financial constraints, limited facility, computer illiteracy, minimal administrative support for a number of respondents, and limited time appeared to be the challenges. The technology leadership competencies and the challenges pointed out the areas necessary for the development of the framework. These areas are Vision, Utilization, Motivation, Collaboration, and Sustainability. VUMoCoS framework was formulated for technology leadership competencies in the Philippines.

 Keywords: Technology Leadership Competencies, Stakeholder's Engagement, Technology Engagement, Technology Leadership Framework, VUMoCoS Framework

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